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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dirty Window Coverings Can Make You Sick!!

Did you know that your window coverings act as filters on your
windows, catching outdoor contaminants such as road grime, dust,
mold spores and smoke? Your window coverings also trap inside
pollutants such as cooking odors, grease, nicotine and bacteria
from colds and flu viruses.

Our dry cleaning method safely and effectively removes dust, grimes, even
grease and mildew that dull the look of your once vibrant window
coverings. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally green and are
safe for people with allergies, children and pets.

Railroad Cleaners Service Advantages

  • Regular Dry Cleaning of your Drapes Significantly Preserves and Extends the Life of Your Drapes
  • We offer a Two Day Drapery Cleaning Service. 
  • On Site Professional Removal and Re-hanging
  • Guaranteed No Shrinkage: Our non-emersion process is the only process which does not shrink fabric at all.

Washing Drapery at home will often shrink about 5-10% SHORTER after contact with water.  Silk will lose its texture and shine.

Many people never wonder how to clean drapes, curtains or other window treatments in their home. This is because they are often overlooked when housecleaning.During spring-cleaning or fall cleaning, they remove every speck of dust and dirt from their home but overlook their curtain and drapery cleaning. This happens because their window treatments still look clean, even if they have been hanging for years.Window treatments are important for their aesthetic beauty; they protect your furniture from sun damage and give you privacy and comfort. Draperies are usually a heavier, lined fabric that extents to or close to the floor, whereas curtains are often lightweight and unlined.Draperies, curtains and window treatments collect a huge amount of dirt over time. Dust, oil, pollution, smoke, pollen, heating fumes and bacterial are just some of the dirt that they retain. Even though they look visually clean, drapery cleaning is certainly a necessary part of housecleaning.

How to clean drapes starts with daily care. In the evening, when you draw your drapery panels or lined drapes closed, gently shake them, to keep dirt and dust from lodging in the fabric.
The most important drapery cleaning tip to follow is, vacuum your drapes often, using a handheld vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Weekly vacuuming is best but if that is not possible, vacuum your drapes at least once a month.When you are wondering how to clean your drapes, there are certain circumstances where you need to have them professionally cleaned. 

Never wash draperies if:

* they are not labeled washable
* the fabric is faded and weakened by sunlight
* embellishments and trims are not colorfast
* drapes are pleated
* the lining and drapes are different fibers or only one is washable
* they are too large or bulky to fit properly into your washing machine

This is how you should clean drapes or curtains labeled washable.
Either hand wash, if they are small, or machine wash using the short, gentle cycle. Use cool water and mild detergent but never overload your washing machine, as the drapes will not clean properly.Rinse thoroughly and gently and then either line-dry, out of direct sunlight or tumble-dry on a delicate or air setting.Remove your draperies immediately from the machine once they dry. Touch up with your iron if necessary, but press on the reverse side, not on the front of your drapes.

Have a professional at Railroad Cleaners dry-clean your drapes that are not washable. 

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